Sabrina Deep likes to get it on with fans


Sabrina Deep is an astounding woman that made quite a show at the start of her career. In 2007, she decided to celebrate her 29th birthday in a rather unusual way: she held a gangbang that was broadcasted via webcam. On top of that, it wasn’t a regular gangbang, she gathered 77 men and let them use her holes for 8 hours. Aside from leaving an amazing impression, she has also set the world record for the largest and longest gangbang ever broadcasted live.

Sabrina Deep

The men that banged her that night were members of her site, and to this day, she holds the tradition of dating and having sex with her fans, often in front of the cameras. That, and the fact that she’s a beautiful blue-eyed brunette with natural E tits made her popular with the Howard Stern fans. She became the Queen of Bukakkes. This made her as popular as ever. Now, she is a webcamgirl.

Sabrina Deep

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