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webcam site! New full-time performance by Daisy Marie
May 13, 2021

New full-time performance by Daisy Marie on webcam site

Since retiring from professional porn, Daisy Marie found her new home on a webcam site. She felt like it was a great place to continue her career as it gave her a lot more leisure over what she can do. She creates her own show, and because people know her well from her porn acting, they know that they will always be in for a treat when she’s on. She always finds new ways to improve her stream.

webcam site

Daisy was born in 1984 in Oregon, USA. She’s 5 foot 4, and has exceptionally smooth bronze skin. At just the age of 15, she lost her virginity and she started doing hardcore porn just one day after her 18th birthday. You could say that she’s an early bird when it comes to these things and it really checks out when you see how she’s mastering new technologies and new ways of performing to this day.

webcam site

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