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Minnie St. Claire - An Interview with a Cam Girl on
December 1, 2023

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An Interview with a Popular Cam Girl – Minnie St. Claire

The popularity of cam girls is on the rise. The HD cam shows and the fast and stable Internet connection that most people can afford now is one of the main reasons for that. Of course, the beautiful cam girls that you can find on popular cam sites is another good reason why you should give these cam shows a try. One of these popular cam girls is Minnie St. Claire. A few days ago, we had a chance to do an interview with Minnie. Before we go into details, let us introduce Minnie. Minnie St. Claire has been working as a professional cam girl since 2003. She grew up in Toronto, Canada, but she felt she never quite fit in this city. She was a high school dropout at age 18. Today, she is one of the most wanted cam girls.

1. When did you enter the porn industry and how?
I started working as a cam girl on March 18 th , 2003. An advertisement in the local alternative newspaper has grabbed my attention, so I’ve decided to make a call. I needed money and I was never shy in front of cameras so it made sense to make this call. It’s worth mentioning that this has happened right after I’ve quit high school at 18. After just one year I got my first apartment and kept working as a cam girl. In addition, I got a chance to be part of a few porn scenes and to work in the field of affiliate marketing too.

2. Does your job as a porn actress/cam girl made you lose interest in sex in your private life?
Absolutely not! As a matter of fact, I believe that working as a cam girl and porn actress makes me even more interested in sex.

3. Do you experience orgasm every time you are performing? Have you ever pretended and how often do you do that?
This is one of the things that make me different from many cam girls and porn actresses. Namely, I never pretend when it comes to my orgasms – I take my orgasms very seriously. I don’t want to trick my viewers.

4. Are you a fan of waxing? How often do you wax yourself?
I am aware that there are many different grooming techniques, but I prefer waxing. I usually wax every 8 weeks, but there are times I don’t mind growing out my hair and keep things natural. I am sure that my fans like to see something different from time to time. After all, being natural is a new trend!

5. Do you have other job besides web cam performances?
Other than being a successful webcam model, I am also a passionate Internet affiliate marketer, and business/life coach for other amateur performers. I like to help others and I am willing to share my experience with anyone who wants to make progress in this industry. I know that it can be hard especially today when there are so many girls (and guys) who want to be webcam models.

6. What are the benefits of doing cam shows?
The fact is that there are many benefits of doing cam shows. For instance, cam shows are an excellent way to build a relationship with your fans and also a way to market yourself as a performer. As I’ve said before, by web cam performances have helped me shoot a few porn scenes and helped me become a better affiliate marketer. Additionally, I like doing cam shows because they allow you to earn a decent amount of money without the need to perform very intense scenes (at least not all the time).

7. What makes a good client? (What kind of clients (viewers) do you like)
I like viewers who make an effort to show appreciation when they first come in my room and actually keep their promise that they are going to take me private or join my website or buy my content. Honesty this is rare in this business. I have many clients saying that they are fans but never buy my content or support my hard work. I can’t understand why they are doing this.

8. What’s the kinkiest porn clip that you’ve ever worked on?
The kinkiest porn clip that I have ever made was a threesome scene with two other girls. I found out that during our time sharing the condo they were sisters. That was weird and hot at the same time.

9. Does your family or friends know what you are doing and how do they feel about this?
My family knew right away that I would be working as a cam girl and possibly as a porn actress. In addition, I told my friends right away that I would be getting into the porn industry. When I got started in the industry I didn’t have a good strong circle of friends just a lot of people who want to voice their opinion. They were actually the people who would gossip about me in high school. Then over time any new friendships I’ve made I would tell them right away because I only have time for a few friends in my life and I do not have time for my friends who feel uncomfortable about what I do as a performer.

Minnie St. Claire

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