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Devon Michaels was born in 1970 in Chicago, USA. After attending a university in Illinois, she moved to New York and became an exotic dancer. Unlike some other girls, she took her time and didn’t rush into porn, having a successful dancing and modeling career that started in 1990. Her slim and toned, but still feminine and extremely attractive body, enabled her to work both as a fitness and a nude model.

Devon Michaels

In 1995, she and her husband appeared in the porn movie called ‘Amateur Dreams’. Even though it was successful, for some reason she didn’t continue making porn, waiting until 2002 before finally coming back to it and adding that job to her career as an adult entertainer. Now she is a model, dancer, pornstar, and a live cam show entertainer, proving that she’s all about seducing men and making them cum with the experience that she had gathered over the years.

Devon Michaels

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