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live show

Eva Angelina is a petite brunette bombshell that rocks the porn world since her debut in 2003, just three months after she turned 18. She says that she couldn’t wait to become of age to start shooting porn, and her eagerness is clearly visible in any of her shots. Her insatiable sex drive and her exquisite performances acquired her a mass of fans and she is also one of the most awarded adult actresses. Now, her live show ushers the way of the new dawn.

Eva Angelina

Petite, beautiful and slim, now with an amazing set of 34D boobs, and willing to all the mainstream scenes, including lesbian, anal, gangbangs and more, she became known for often wearing glasses during her shots and letting the guys cum on them. She kind of made a trademark out of that fetish and that made her even more famous, and now she has a mass of fans that eagerly await her next scene or live show.

Eva Angelina

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