Alison Tyler – A Girl With Boobs From Porn Star to Cam Girl

 Let’s be clear, big natural boobs are one of the things that turn on guys of any age. Since they are rare, women who are proud owners of a pair of big boobs get special attention from the guys around them. Alison Tyler is an excellent example of a girl like this. Before we go into details and reveal more information about this amazing porn star, we should mention that she is now available on cam shows. Cam shows have witnessed a decline in their popularity, but the latest HD technology and broadband Internet have made them popular again. Viewers are looking for more personal experience when they are viewing pornography online and webcam shows can provide these things. Now let’s get back to this lustful beauty. Alison Tyler is a relatively young, yet mega-popular porn star. She was born in Orange County, California about 27 years ago (January 5 th , 1990). According to her own words, she has experienced sex at a very young age and the fact she enjoyed it so much was one of the things that made her think about startinga porn career. This is what Alison did in 2010 when she starred in her first porn movie. It is interesting that she got the first job first because she already had natural D cup. Of course, her perfect combination of genes (she is Danish and Italian) has played its role too. Link:

Alison Tyler is a busty brunette that is present on many popular websites dedicated to porn. She is specialized in hardcore movies and photography and three years ago she decided to join the world of webcam shows. Webcam girls are very popular these days because of the personal experience that viewers get. Many porn stars are part of these shows and perform special (or regular) events from time to time. It’s good to mention that Alison has an amazing body and it’s not just her boobs that make her great. She is tall (5’10) and lean (she measures 36-30- 34). It’s worth mentioning that she has enhanced her breast about 4 years ago and she currently has an F cup. Although she has a few tattoos on her body, all of them are discreet and placed on unnoticeable places of the body. In addition to her name, she also has a few aliases like Danica Tyler and Allison Taylor. She has pointed out that she enjoy working out which obviously keeps her in shape. Alison Tyler has starred in many movies and in different scenes – threesomes, couples, solo, orgies, lesbian etc. She is a real porn star who knows what she wants. Alison was part of popular movies like Here Comes the Bride, Hardcore Cock Stars 2, Curves for Days, Gimme That Pussy 2, Lex’s Breast Fest 7 and She Loves Cock.  Today, Alison Tyler fans can enjoy her performance, skills, and beauty while streaming webcam performance. This natural beauty definitely deserves your attention. Link:

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